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Baby Massage is one of many ancient traditions which can help new mothers give their infant the best possible start in life, promoting both health and the feeling of security that all babies crave. In many cultures, massaging babies is an art passed down from generation to generation. Historians have found evidence of baby massage dating back over 3000 years.

Since the mid to late 1990’s baby massage has become very popular in the UK, with more emphasis placed on physical bonding and attachment between the parent and the baby. More and more professionals are now realising the importance of baby massage and are encouraging parents to make baby massage a part of their daily routine.

Massage is all about reinforcing appropriate and positive touch, something your baby will hopefully carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Baby massage not only encourages and aids the bonding process between baby and parent, providing the best possible start in life both physically and emotionally, but it also has countless other benefits for everyone involved. The four main categories of benefits are INTERACTION, STIMULATION, RELIEF AND RELAXATION.

Key benefits for baby


Key benefits for parent

The sessions are a comprehensive 5 step programme comprising 5 x (approx.) 1 hour weekly classes allowing ample time to practice and perfect techniques between sessions.  They are friendly, informal and fun with plenty of rhymes and poems and are designed to introduce both parent and baby to massage in a clear and easy to follow way in a relaxed and sociable environment where lasting friendships can be made. I show you how to massage your baby on a demonstration doll to enable you to copy the techniques on your baby. During the course you will be guided through the strokes and how to apply them properly on your baby. Each week we will work on a different part of the body, starting with the legs and making our way up to the head, face and back and recap the previous week’s strokes to keep you up to date. There will be time for refreshments and discussions at the end of each session.

IMPORTANT: classes are baby led and their needs always come first, parents should only begin a massage session if their baby is happy to co-operate.


Suitable for babies from birth until actively crawling pre-toddler

Venues and dates to be confirmed in the East Neuk area. Classes will run on demand and numbers  kept small - approx. 5 to 6 per session.

Cost is £45 for 5 sessions and includes a complementary bottle of organic massage oil, weekly class routine hand out notes and on the final week parent and baby will receive their completion certificate.

Register an interest in the baby massage group session by contacting me and I will email a registration form:

email: ewbabymassage@aol.com

tel: 07989 905117   /   01333 451112

Alternatively, if you have a small group of friends who can’t get to the class, you can host your own class in your own home. This will be the same 5-week format as the other group sessions. Contact me for further details, Cost may vary depending on numbers and a discount for the host.


A one-to-one session is a great way to learn how to massage your baby and is a good option if you want a more personalised approach in the comfort of your own home. The sessions will cover all the material from the 5-week group class but more bespoke to you and your baby and may be completed in less than 5 weeks. One to one sessions allow us to focus on particular areas you may want to work on or specific problems you may be experiencing, for example colic or slow digestion.

Costs £30 per hour session and also includes complementary bottle of organic massage oil, weekly class routine hand out notes and on the final week parents and babies will receive their completion certificate. (Travel cost may be included if further than a 10-mile radius from Crail)


Baby massage can be great for dads, too. Some dads may miss out on a lot of the hands-on care of their babies, especially if they are at work. The dad only classes will be run if there is a demand.


Do you have a friend or loved one who is pregnant or has just had a baby?

Baby shower, maternity leave, new baby or christening, every new mum/parent would love the gift of a massage class or course so why not introduce them to the wonderful world of baby massage or baby yoga.

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