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Eileen Wood

Swedish Massage involves the manipulation of soft tissue, muscle and skin. It aims to release tension and stress, boost the lymphatic and circulatory systems and soothe the nervous system. It not only helps in the prevention of physical stress but is also a natural aid to the treatment of stress-related conditions.  

A "one-off" massage treatment offers a short-term solution to a problem for example relieving muscular tension. Regular massage treatment offers a more long-term solution to physical and emotional stresses on the body providing time out to encourage relief from both mental and physical fatigue.


This treatment can help to …

 Relieve stress and tension

 Relieve muscular tension, improve mobility and flexibility

 Improve skin condition

 Achieve a feeling of deep relaxation

  Release endorphins, the body’s feel good hormones  

 Increase energy levels, improving lymphatic and blood circulation

 Create a general sense of well-being

 Promote better sleep and boost immune system

Your treatment will be customised to your particular needs

Swedish Massage




Includes back, neck, shoulders, hands, legs and optional abdomen and feet


*LUXURY FULL BODY INCLUDES HEAD & FACE - 1½ HOURS including consultation £45

 as above including head, face and foot massage.

* Full body treatments only available where there is easy access to home and nearby parking due to the weight of the massage table